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Lazy E Arena in Guthrie OK
June 27 through June 30, 2020

The Bartlesville Kennel Club, Claremore Kennel Club and Mid-Del-Tinker Kennel Club are excited to announce the creation of the Learning Cluster. This cluster was created to show a way forward to dog show exhibition during these difficult times. We understand owners, handlers, breeders, vendors, photographers and superintendents have been effected financially and have struggled to navigate these uncharted waters. The driving factor In developing this cluster was to bring the community back together to help those in need and Onofrio's desire to learn how to assist clubs working with the restrictions of authorities and AKC's Best Practices. All of the Superintending Companies in the country have been invited to attend as they may want to witness what works for servicing the clubs they superintendent for. We believe it is time for our dog show community to come together, safely and with purpose, to get back to the sport we love.

To make this cluster happen so quickly the clubs needed to engage private support as we did not have the infrastructure or resources to execute in such a short time. Onofrio stepped up to plan, organize, and provide the resources to ensure a successful show with the help and support of the Southern Handlers Charity League. As such, the clubs will not profit from this endeavor as Onofrio will complete all the work and take on the risk of holding this event. The clubs will support and provide the required leadership during the event.

This all wouldn't be possible without the continued help and support from AKC. From inception to execution the event will be done in under a month. We know there will be growing pains and many lessons will be learned through this and in turn will be provided to other clubs. We hope exhibitors appreciate the effort put forth into the event and understand we are all learning as we move forward together.

We wish everyone the best of luck at the show.

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